Our Menu

We work the land according to the oldest farming traditions, with a knowledge passed down over time by the expert hands of those who knew these rich territories. We produce wines resulting from a selection of the best grapes vinified in purity, reflecting the intense character and charm of the terroir, and we offer dishes that respect the tradition and the true taste of the ingredients. For these reasons we are confident that we can offer flavors that will remain in the memory of those who taste them.

Our starters

Cold meats with mixed pickles

cold meats and mixed pickles are homemade.

Trio of polentine with mushrooms, cheese and bacon.

We breed pigs scrupulously by altering the diet with vegetable waste and selected feed. The processing is carried out in our butchery. You can visit it near our farmhouse.

Our main courses


With butter and sage. This is a dish of Solferino tradition. They appear in a cylindrical and tapered shape. This dish takes us back to the times of Gonzaga.

Pumpkin tortelli of Mantua tradition

The pumpkin tortello is a typical dish of Mantua cuisine and the tradition dates
it back to 1500 with the progressive affirmation of pumpkin’s cultivation coming from Central America. The purpose of these preparations was to obtain a tasty
and nutritious dish just with what the farmer economy provided.
Also for this reason it has become typical in the Po Valley’s cuisine.
Today this is still deeply rooted.

Beet tortelloni stuffed with ricotta, red chicory and speck

Casoncelli filled with meat

Tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms

Tagliatelle with duck sauce

from our small farm

Tagliatelle with jugged hare

Bigoli with sardines

Trio of main courses

You can choose three favorite dishes

Valentina's risotti

In the kitchen there is a lady has been putting in all her passion into each dish
for 30 years. These risotti have a special and tasteful flavor obtained from
a mixture of passion and local flavors.

Risotto with porcini mushrooms

Risotto with mix of fresh salami and mushrooms

Second courses

Mixed cheeses with jams

Selection of aged cheeses

Fresh, grilled salami with grilled polenta and gorgonzola

from November to May only

Sausages and polenta

Grilled cheese


(if available)

Tenderloin grilled beef

Grilled veal

Rib-eye steak grilled

Sliced and grilled beef

Roast-beef with sauce

Veal with porcini mushrooms

Stuffed rabbit

from our small farm

Side dishes

Roast potatoes

Fresh mixed vegetables

Cooked and seasonal vegetables

Grilled vegetables

Field chicory

Winter only

Field chicory, in our slang “slans”. We pick it from fields in Solferino
just in the winter season

Mixed pickles–homemade

Our wines

Wines produced in our cellar, Cantina Valente.


Red Wine


White Wine IGT

Costa Mezzana

Rosé Wine 

Red, white or rosé wine on tap

Directly from the barrel to the glass

Prosecco (white wine)

Ronchedone Càdei Frati

Prestige Lugana D.O.P. CàMaiol

Desserts and spirits

Homemade desserts

Desserts are homemade



Nocino del signor Baffo


Liquore di erba Luisa


Second courses / booking required

 minimum 2 people

For us authenticity and freshness of raw materials are guaranteed and we want all our guests to enjoy it, so book our delicacies and joint us.

Roast rabbit

from our little farm

Grilled chicken

from our little farm

Roast kid

we buy kids from a nearby farmer

Roe deer with cornmeal mush

Stewed pork rinds/pig skin with beans

Roasted pork shank

Beef tripe

Braised beef with cornmeal mush

Stewed salted codfish with cornmeal mush


 Minimum 10 people
Served only in winter 

In our butchery we carry out processing of the pig for over twenty years. We offer a menu that includes:


Mixed salami-grilled

from our little farm

Risotto with mix of fresh salami

stewed pork rinds/pig skin with beans

Pork ribs with savoy cabbage

Venetian pork liver

Loin of pork-grilled

Pork bones, pigs’ feet and boiled pork tail

Drinks are included–wine from cask, water and coffee

Mixed boiled meats

 Minimum 6 people
Booking required
Served only in winter

Boiled salami

Stuffed hen

Beef meat

Beef tongue with mashed potatoes


 minimum 10 people

Booking required!

Soup with liver

Spit with side orders

Drinks are included–wine from cask, water and coffee

Take Away

You can also enjoy our cuisine at home.
Book by phone and come to pick your meal up.

Sale of our homemade cold meats

Salami and Cotechino (Italian pork dish - gelatinous pork sausage in a natural
casing ideal to be boiled)

via Napoleone III, 26


PHONE   +39 0376 855036


via Napoleone III, 26

PHONE   +39 0376 855036